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Tobacco De-Addiction Centres

Tobacco De-Addiction Centres Tobacco is prepared from the leaves of tobacco plant by curing them with other elements. It contains alkaloid nicotine as well as harmala alkaloids that act as a stimulant in the body. Tobacco leaves when dried are also used in cigarettes, cigars and flavoured tobacco product, thereby rendering them with equal potential to trigger addiction. Therefore, in order to get rid of this deadly habit, addicts need to consult an exclusive tobacco de-addiction centres.

We at Vikalp Rehab Centre, are well equipped to provide you all the facilities that are required to quit your tobacco addiction. But before we go into the detail of our services let us have a brief overview of the ill-effects of tobacco addiction. Tobacco De-Addiction Centres

Three harmfull Effects of Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco consumption harboursrisk of numerous diseases, including cancer,which are related to heart, liver, and lungs. In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO)has declared tobacco as the world's single largest preventable cause of death.

  1. Smoking of tobacco leads to inhalation of deadly chemicals like carbon monoxide,carcinogens and cyanide, which can cause fatal diseases in heart and lungs.
  2. Tobacco has many carcinogenic substances that can lead to cancer in even a healthy body.
  3. Nicotine, an integral part of tobacco, triggers an increase in levels of dopamine, which isalso referred to as the brain�s �happy� chemical. This can augment the psychological addiction.

Symptoms of Tobacco Addiction

  1. Unable to stop chewing or smoking tobacco, even after numerous attempts.
  2. Intense withdrawal symptoms while trying to quit (sweating, shaky hands, rapid heart rate etc.)
  3. Yearning to consume it at regular intervals like after every meal or before starting the day�s work etc.
  4. Normalising the consumption by trying to link it with the need to reduce stress level.
  5. Getting into depression when unable to continue the routine consumption of tobacco even for a day.
  6. Continuing to consume it despite health problems is the final phase when one realises that he/she is addicted to tobacco.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Peers?

As we have listed all the side-effects and symptoms of tobacco, you must be convinced about the need for intensive care with regard to tobacco addicts. Such level of personalised care is usually absent from variously available tobacco addiction treatment centres in Delhi NCR. However, our deaddiction centre is unique in this regard. We have some of the most dedicated team of specialists who take extreme care of the patients. Most of our specialists have felt the brunt of addiction themselves, with some even having 20 years of sobriety.

We at Vikalp have some of the assured techniques that are also accepted worldwide. Our services are designed keeping in view the years of addiction, the intensity of addiction and many other factors. Our expertconsultations have also benefited many in the region of Delhi NCR. We also have guest consultant, who are globally renowned in the field of rehabilitation and de-addiction. We are not just limited to physical treatment, we use psychological and behavioural treatments. Some of these methods:

  1. hypnotherapy
  2. cognitive-behavioral therapy
  3. neuro-linguistic programming

Therefore, contact us today and eliminate all your fears about tobacco addiction and treatment.

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