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De-addiction Centre in Delhi

De-addiction Centre Vikalp Rehab is one of the emerging and trusted De-addiction centres in India. Since the beginning of our journey, we have successfully treated many of our clients who suffered from severe addiction of alcohol as well as different types of harmful drugs.

Following are some of the distinguishing features of our de-addiction centre:-

  1. Comprehensive Treatment: Our De-addiction Centre uses different methodologies to cure patients from their addiction. They include Psychotherapy, Psychological counseling, Medications and other therapeutic procedures. Additionally, our clients also undergo methods such as Yoga, Physical Exercises, Spiritual Classes, and Meditation etc. on one-on-one basis. We pay personalized attention to each of our clients so that their individual needs & requirements are addressed in the area of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.
  2. Modern Facilities: Our De-addiction Centre is well equipped with all modern facilities providing our clients a healthy atmosphere to undergo treatment & recovery. Our residential facility comes with many instruments and dedicated rooms to provide recreation to all the clients. Furthermore, counseling rooms, conferencing rooms, living rooms and study rooms are well organized with all necessary components.
  3. Friendly Staff: All our specialists and support staff are very client friendly and dedicated for the well being of the patients. Thus, with unmatched customer service and expert professional help, we stand as a leading De-addiction centre in Ghaziabad.
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