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Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol Treatment services should follow all the necessary best practices to cure patients from the negative effects of alcoholism. The persons who wish to be free from the influence of alcohol may undergo a series of treatments which can remove their dependency on alcohol and enable them to lead a new productive lifestyle.

Alcohol abuse plagues our society like no other ill. Alcohol abuse affects not just the alcoholic, but also his or her entire family, neighbors, employers, etc. Although India is considered to be a relatively "dry" country, the alcohol use in the country has gone up almost 170% in past 14 years and negatively influenced many. That's why at our de-addiction centre in Ghaziabad, we offer discreet, medically supervised and holistic treatment for alcohol abuse.

Programme Highlights:-

Holistic Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

With a special focus on 12-step programme, our centre uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to offer holistic healing to the patient. One-on-one counseling, exercise, yoga, meditation, CBT, etc are some of the main highlights of our programme.

Skilled & Qualified Staff

Our staff is well qualified and highly skilled to deal with all the necessary options of treatment to counter alcoholism and different types of medications.

Safe, Home-like Atmosphere

The clients can feel very comfortable in the homely atmosphere of our residential facility and can undergo treatment in a safe and secured environment.

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