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Rehabilitation Centre in Ghaziabad

top rehabilitation centre in Delhi Vikalp is one of the leading treatment and rehabilitation centre in Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR. We have been offering all kinds of rehabilitation treatments of shorter and longer durations at Vikalp.

Some of the main distinguishing points associated with our rehabilitation centre are mentioned as follows:-

  1. Individual Treatment: We treat each of our clients in a separate environment and address their personalized issues and concerns. We understand that individual background and circumstances vary from person to person and hence our approach is also different in each of the cases.
  2. Systematic Approach: At the first stage, we clearly understand the addiction issues, psychological and physical details of our client and accordingly suggest the ideal duration of stay to the family members. After that our highly experienced Psychologists, Therapists, Physicians and Counselors work in a collaborative environment according to the customized treatment schedule prepared for the client.
  3. Quality Care: We are a socially responsible and committed organization that works for the betterment of human society through high quality drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Our empathetic approach towards the issues and problems associated with the de-addiction treatment helps us in securing a distinct place among the other rehabilitation centres. Our twelve step program for the ultimate cure of the addiction caused by different substances cover all the necessary areas such as counseling, yoga, meditation, exercise, medication etc.
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