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Drug Addiction Treatment Centre

Drug Treatment Like alcoholism, we also believe that drug addiction is also a disease which can be cured if the addicts receive proper care, expert help and support. Drug addiction totally destroys the normal functioning of the body and mind. This negatively affects the person's lifestyle as well as family members. Drug Addiction Treatment Centres help these clients in regaining their normal and productive lifestyle.

Following are some of the important features of our drug treatment services:-

  1. Interdisciplinary Team: Vikalp is one of the widely known drug rehabilitation centres in Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR. At Vikalp, we a have an interdisciplinary team of professionals such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians specialized in Medicine, Therapists, Nursing Staff and other support staff. They help our clients in each stage of their stay with us.
  2. Dedicated Approach: It is the dedication and hard work of our qualified professionals, which have made us one of the most preferred drug rehab centres.
  3. All Round Treatment: We follow all the important long term and short term methods of treatment as per the stage of addiction and other characteristics of the client. The treatment includes detoxification procedures, behavioral counseling methods, medication, metal health checkup & prevention of depression, relapse prevention on a long term basis etc. In addition to Cocaine Addiction Treatment, we provide drug treatment services for Meth Addiction, Synthetic Marijuana Addiction, Heroin Addiction etc.
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