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Substance Abuse Rehab Centres

De-addiction CentrePeople use abuse substances for varied and complicated reasons. Abused substances could be any, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc. We are doing a pioneering work in providing holistic treatment to patients through our Substance Abuse Rehab Centres. Our integrated programme Centres around addiction recovery with a special focus on 12 step programme. We help patients by focusing on their psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual and social uplift. We rehabilitate them with compassion and self-realization besides providing them with the medical and psychological treatment and education that they need to recover from the effects of addiction.

Programme Highlights:-

Holistic Treatment for Substance Abuse

We provide holistic treatment to patients of substance abuse. We lay special focus on the 12-step programme. Our specialized services include a diverse range of therapeutic techniques, one-on-one counseling, exercise, meditation, yoga, CBT. The key highlights of our programme are:

Skilled & Qualified Staff

We have an extremely efficient staff. All team members are highly skilled and well qualified. They have years of experience in dealing with patients suffering from substance abuse.

Home-like Atmosphere

Healing begins at home. However, most of the patients develop the habit of substance abuse because of broken homes. To overcome that situation, we make sure that we make all our patients feel completely at home at our Substance Abuse Rehab Centre. Our residential facility ensures that patients are in a safe and secured environment.

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