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De Addiction Centre In Ghaziabad

De-addiction CentreVikalp has been successfully running a high quality de-addiction centre in Ghaziabad. It is equipped with all modern facilities and equipments that can help clients dealing with addiction problems from various substances.

Following are the key points associated with our de-addiction centre:-

  1. Customized Attention: The patients can avail highly customized or personalized de-addiction treatment at our de-addiction centre. The treatment schedule of every client is designed in such a way that it satisfies the individual needs and aspirations of that particular client.
  2. Family Orientation: We understand that the family and friends have a big role to play in drug and alcohol abuse treatment procedures. That is why; our experts separately consult with the family members and friends of the client so that they can understand the condition well and work in close association with the experts to make him/her better.
  3. Qualified Staff: Our psychologists, psychotherapists, medication specialists, detoxification experts, counsellors, nurses and support staff are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in treating addicted patients. They treat different types of addictions such as alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, meth addiction and other substance abuse problems.
  4. Follow up Care: As one of the leading de-addiction centres in India we also pay equal importance to the follow up programs. Regular health checkup and counseling sessions ensure the clients' well being even after the main treatment program.
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