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Practicable Recourses to De-Addiction at Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra

Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra Addiction is a psychological and a biological condition where an individualcontinues to seek pleasure by an act, without bothering about the surrounding that includes family, friends, neighbourhood etc.Addictions become dangerous when its compulsiveness starts to harmthe person as well as the people and environment around him/her. Such kind of behaviour mostly goes unnoticed on the part of the addicted person. Usually various Nasha Mukti Kendras advertisetheir services on this pretext, but in reality, not many are able to discern it.

Our Wide Range of Services

Vikalp Rehab centre in Ghaziabad, recognises all the factors that can breedand trigger addiction in an individual. Keeping this context in mind we have developed various services, some of which can be briefly looked into:

  1. Alcohol Treatment: Alcoholism is major concern in our society. It harms the person physically as well as mentally. The financial, as well as the emotional suffering of the family, makes it worse.Vikalp Rehab along with its holistic treatment, skilled & qualified staff, and home-like atmosphere have proved to be one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Delhi.
  2. Drug Abuse: The menace of drug abuse can adversely impact health (mind and body), job relationships, and study. Such menace is effectively tackled by means of dedication, discipline and integrated approach by our expert team at the Drug Treatment Centre in Ghaziabad.
  3. Counselling: Counselling forms an essential component in all kinds of de-addiction treatment. Our team of de-addiction specialists caters to the following addiction at our counselling centres: drug abuse, alcoholism, cocaine abuse etc.
  4. Rehabilitation Centre: The rehabilitation centre of Vikalp is one the most noted Rehabilitation centre in Delhi NCR due to the following features:
  5. Individual Treatment
  6. Systematic Approach
  7. Quality Care
  8. Detoxification Treatment: Detoxification is a medicinal or physiological withdrawal of drug as well as other toxic substances from a human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. It is the most elementary process that needs to be adopted before starting any kind of recovery process. We at Vikalp have some the most experienced professionals, who can successfully treat all kinds of addicts.
  9. Cocaine Addiction Treatment:The key feature of our Cocaine Addiction Treatment is the 12-step programme, which has made us a leading destination for cocaine de-addiction in India and its neighbouring countries.
  10. We also provide some more services which also deals with different kinds of addictions such as substance abuse, quitting alcohol etc.

    Addiction (or Nasha) of any kind is form of ill omen that engulfs the family and friends of addicts. Such loss is not easily endured as the condition of the victims deteriorate day by day. Some regions are more prone to addiction behaviour due to various factors, which can geographical as well as emotional. The people coming to our Nasha Mukti Kendra tell us their ordeal that often helps in formulating policies regarding Nasha Mukti solutions.

    The money involved in curing the addicts can range to lakhs of rupees. Therefore, having to suffer, even after availing de-addiction or Nasha Mukti services, is the worst form of pain that the kith and kin of the addict has to bear. Delhi NCR regions especially Noida and Ghaziabad have been swamped with different kinds of addictions like alcohol, cocaine, smoking, marijuana etc. Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad has particularly tried to counter each of these through customised means. We do not limit ourselves to treatment, we go ahead by employing proper rehab technique that can persuade the addicts never to touch these dangerous substances ever in their life. Such manner nashamukti services are promised by but delivered only few in Delhi NCR region. We are one of those few who have demonstrated our expertise in this domain.

    Trust Us with Your Near and Dear Ones, We Always Deliver

    Most of our specialist are ex-addicts themselves, who have suffered for long to understand the value of a healthy life.Our founder, Mr. Pradeep Goyal, also an ex-addict with more than 20 years of sobriety, quit his addiction in 1991 and subsequently started working in this field. His selfless services are also acclaimed by the highest authority, The President of India, twice- 2014 and 2017. Therefore, it is most trusted rehab center in the Delhi NCR region.

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