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Drug addiction has been on the rise since time immemorial. Right from the very beginning, people used and got addicted to intoxicating substances like alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, opium and many other such substances. In India, the problem of drug abuse has recently seen a huge growth. This is a matter of huge concern as drugs not only destroy a person’s physical and mental health, it also destroys the lives of those who are close to the drug abuser. However, societies all over the world do not treat drug abusers in the manner they should. Instead of shunning the drugs, drug abusers are ostracized, often publicly. This introduces a stigma in the mind of the drug abuser and they become more reclusive, therefore, escaping the judgement of society with drugs. Ostracising the addicts only worsens their case. What they actually need is someone to understand and empathise with them. This is why drug abusers cannot be treated at home. You need a scientific and a psychological approach to treat someone battling from substance abuse. Vikalp’s Nasha Mukti Kendra in Noida is one of the best drug addiction counselling centres where drug addicts are not just treated, they are also encouraged to get back on the road to wellness and live a reputed life in the community.

Why Vikalp is your best option for a drug-free life?

Vikalp is run by ex-addicts with more than 25 successful years of sobriety. Counsellors at Vikalp’s rehabilitation centre in Western UP are not just empathetic, they are also well-trained in the comprehensive care plans offered by Vikalp to treat drug addicts. One of the best rehab centres in Noida, Vikalp applies a comprehensive 12-step program wherein the patients start slow and by the end of the 12th step they are ready to get back into their communities leading a life free from drugs. One of the most important concerns of drug addicts and their families is whether Nasha Mukti Kendra in Greater Noida will treat the addicts like inmates. Vikalp addresses this problem by providing a special counselling session with the family members to assure them of the comfort and care patients will receive under Vikalp’s rehabilitation centre in Noida. Not just that, Vikalp’s alcohol rehabilitation centre in Noida is known to encourage community services, meditation and yoga activities to strengthen the patient both mentally as well as physically. Getting the right de-addiction centre in Noida to treat yourself or your loved one is quite a challenge. However, if you join the right de-addiction centre in Noida, you will only thank yourself later.

If you are looking for rehabilitation centre in Noida or Greater Noida, Vikalp is your best choice. Awarded by former president of India Honourable Shree Pranab Mukherjee, Vikalp has been working hard to eradicate the menace that is drugs. They understand the psychology of the addict and treat them on an individual basis. Contact Vikalp’s Nasha Mukti Kendra now and walk on the road to wellness.

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