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Effective Drug De-addiction at Nasha Mukti Kendra in Faridabad

India is grappling with the increasing menace of drug abuse in children, adolescents and adults. Drug abuse is a major concern for so many families in India because of the way it has systematically destroyed the lives of the addicts as well as those of their families. Drug abuse often results in psychological, physical, intellectual and moral decay. The kind of distress it causes to the addict and everyone close to them is immense. This is why people are actively looking for the rehabilitation centre in Western UP, as western UP is one of the most troubled areas, known for its rampant abuse of drugs. Vikalp is one of the most caring and successful of all Nasha Mukti Kendra in an around western UP. Their rehab centre in Faridabad is known for its holistic de-addiction plan that takes in concern not just the addict but also their family members. Letís take a look at how Vikalp rehabilitation centre in Faridabad is changing addicts and shaping their lives for their own good.

Nasha Mukti with Vikalp Ė Facilitating your Walk on the Journey to be Drug-Free

Treating a drug addict is a difficult task right from the beginning. Most of the times, the addicts are not interested to go through a rehabilitation program because of the stigma attached to it. An addict is worried about their reputation in the society if people come to know that they were in a rehabilitation centre. Vikalp guarantees total discretion and confidentiality with regards to the patientís identification. Just like alcoholics anonymous, Vikalpís alcohol rehabilitation centre in Faridabad ensures complete confidentiality. Another reason why addicts do not want to join any rehabilitation centre in Meerut is because of how the rehab centres have been depicted in pop-culture. For example, Nasha Mukti Kendra are often famous for imposing physical restraints and keeping the addicts like inmates in a prison. However, that is farthest from the truth. The counsellor at Vikalp make sure that the addict is feeling at home right from the time of admission into the rehab plan. For this, special counselling sessions with family members are organised right from the beginning.

Ensuring the Right Approach with the Perfect Nasha Mukti Program

Vikalpís 12-step Nasha Mukti program is widely implemented in Nasha Mukti Kendra across the globe. Addicts are encouraged to embrace the healthy way of living by actively participating in yoga, meditation, and community service etcetera. Not just that, addicts are encouraged to have a healthy diet complete with nutritious food that helps their body detoxify from the years of rampant drug abuse. Once the addict starts recovering, they are encouraged to go out on supervised outings. Counsellors at Vikalp are empathetic and caring, they understand that the addicts are already going through a lot of physical and psychological changes while on their de-addiction path. This is why regular counselling is given to both the addict as well as their family members so that the addict doesnít relapse after a successful stint of being sober.

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