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Best De-addiction Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra in Gurgaon

In the recent years, drug abuse has seen a rapid rise. A shift in socio-cultural norms ever increasing pressure to belong sends a lot of healthy minds to the darkest place of their lives. To escape societal pressure, to escape reality, people try to seek pleasure from drug usage. However, instead of understanding their pain and empathising with them, society tends to shun them as human beings. They create a stigma inside the heart of the drug abuser that they are beyond help. Instead of treating drugs as criminal element they tend to treat the drug user as one. Drug use not just destroys a person’s physical health but also his ability to look at life for what it is. It also destroys the lives of those who are closed to the drug abuser. Therefore, it is very important that people talk about the evils of drug usage without criminalising the drug abuser. To address this menace of drug abuse, one should always consider de-addiction centres or Nasha Mukti Kendra.

Challenges in treating Drug Addicts

Treating someone having trouble with substance abuse is neither easy nor for the novice. Usually people think that they can talk someone out of taking drugs. That’s a juvenile mistake. A scientific and psychological approach is required to completely treat people struggling with substance abuse. Vikalp’s nasha mukti Kendra is one of the best rehab centres in Gurgaon, where drug addicts are not just given proper care but also their families are provided with special counselling to help the patient recover faster. Vikalp is run by people who themselves were addicts but are completely sober for 25 successful years. They understand the pain through which addicts go through. They also understand how easy it is to go back in relapse even after years of successful sobriety. This is why their care plan is a comprehensive 12-Step de-addiction plan that takes care of all the issues that arise along with drug abuse treatments, for example- withdrawal symptoms.

Why Vikalp?

One of the most important concerns that discourages addicts to seek help from de-addiction centre in Gurgaon is the fact that they think it is like being in a prison. Pop-culture portrayal of de-addiction centres and alcohol rehabilitation centre is somewhat grim and most addicts think that they will be physically restrained and treated like inmates. This is the reason why Vikalp takes a special session with addicts and their family members to assure them of the kind of care and treatment they are going to provide. Vikalp utilises the benefits of yoga, meditation and community service to strengthen the minds and bodies of the addicts. If you are looking for the best rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon, Vikalp is your best choice.

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