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Yoga for Addiction and Depression

Yoga for Addiction and Depression Yoga is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual practices or disciplines which finds its genesis in ancient India. It has a wide variety of schools like Hatha yoga Raja yoga etc. The practise of yoga, when done under a proper guru, can soothe your senses, thereby helping in controlling your sensory organs. This concept is used by many de-addiction facilities to use yoga for addiction and depression.

Yoga primarily involves an exercise of the body by effectively using breathing techniques. Therefore, while practising yoga one needs to follow some specific guidelines, failing which can even have harmful effects on your health.

Our Vikalp Rehab centre in Ghaziabad has some of India’s renowned yoga gurus who train and instruct our de-addiction team as well as our patients. Our patients, who were down with years of addiction, have benefitted very much from them.

What Are theBenefits of Yoga for Addicts?

As we have discussed earlier, that controlling one’s senses can give an excellent result with any kind of de-addiction. However, let us also look at some of the specific benefits that yoga has on our addicts.

  1. Heals the Mind: The Associate Professor Stanford University in Psychiatry and Behavioural Science, Roy King, Ph.D., M.D., has examined the physiological impact of using yoga in addiction recovery.The study has highlighted the correlation between yoga and its ability to inhibit surge of dopamine, which is usually due to the desire of taking drugs or even thinking about the same.It is also found that the breathing patterns that are an integral part of yoga, such as Kundalini, anulomvilom pranayama etc. naturallyrelease body’s pleasure-producing endorphins. This implies that yoga has the potential to inhibit addictive behaviours, thereby restoring body to its natural healthy level.
  2. Reduces Stress: Regular practice of yoga enhances willpower in individualsto control the temptations of the addiction substances. The stress level in addicts mainly increases due to the craving for drugs or alcohol. Such stress level cannot be controlled simply as the body has been accustomed to it for years, therefore, yoga becomes essential. Hence, benefits of yoga in addiction recovery is,without doubt, the established not only gurus but also in the medical domain.
  3. Spiritual Community: Yoga is a form ancient practise that followed community structure or guru-shishya parampara. The later even though is not prevalent in modern society, but, the community structure remained intact. Yoga is mainly done in groups (family, friends etc.) so that correct technique is used while practising it. This builds relationship among new people thereby diverting their mind from the addiction. Therefore, even though it is not a direct benefit, still, it is an important aspect in relation to addiction recovery.
  4. We at Vikalp ensure that all these benefits are taken by you in a step-by-step manner, as we have a proper routine to include them. We are also fortunate enough to get a world-wide renowned yoga guru as our guests on regular basis. We also conduct seminars and various camps to in different part of Delhi as well as India.

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