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Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra in Panipat

Drug abuse is one of the biggest challenges that Indian society is facing today. Teenagers or adults, men or women, all are being hit alike.This menace does not just impact the addicts but all those who care about them, their families and friends.It starts like an occasional activity in social settings, but becomes more frequent andin no time, enslaves the person. Drug addiction is not something that can be tackled at home. It is very challenging to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and things might potentially go out of hand during this phase. Also, in India, Drug addicts are treated like criminals and are often shunned by the community. This worsens the case, instead of treating drugs and society’s failure of eliminating them, the society tries to eliminate drug abusers. The kind of stigma attached with using drugs makes it even more difficult to address the problem.

Because of the social implications of drug abuse, the addict as well as their family have to deal with a lot more. It just might be right to take help from a drug addiction counselling centre.The important point to keep in mind, while deciding on a rehabilitation centre, is that the deaddiction programme should focus on holistic healing and minimal medical intervention. One such place is Vikalp – Nasha Mukti Kendra. It is one of the best rehabilitation centres in Haryana.

De-addiction and Nasha Mukti with Vikalp

Vikalp’s 12-Step de-addiction program, made famous worldwide with Alcoholics Anonymous, is the key motivator here. The use of medications is minimum and the focus is on spiritual healing. The counsellors at Vikalp try to maintain a home-like environment for the addicts residing there. Often, drug addicts hesitate accepting the fact that they are addicted to intoxicating substance, they are also reluctant in getting help from rehabilitation centres. This is because of the ugly pop-culture portrayal of rehabilitation centres. Addicts think that rehabilitation centres in Panipat treat addicts like inmates. However, it cannot be further from the truth. Vikalp ensures that each and every individual that requires help should be treated like an extended member of the family. This is why Vikalp holds special counselling sessions with the addicts as well as their family members to acclimatise them with the rehabilitation process and reassure them of the holistic care they will provide to the addicts.

Vikalp also encourages addicts to take up community service, meditation sessions and yoga sessions. This helps the addicts recuperate with the rigorous deaddiction regime and look forward to a healthy way of life.

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