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Gutkha Deaddiction CentresGutka or gutkha is prepared by crushing tobacco, areca nut, paraffin wax, catechu, slaked lime and savouryflavouringsor sweet. It is mainly produced in India and exported to other countries. Even though promoted as mouth fresheners,it is virtually a poison due to the mixingof more than 4,000 chemicals of which at least 40 are carcinogenic compounds. Consumption of different forms of gutkha reportedly has relaxation and stimulant effects on humans, thereby making them easily addicted to it. Therefore, these stimulating factors compel many gutkha addicts to look for gutkha deaddiction centres to get rid of their deadly habit.

While most consumers consider the composition to be harmless, medical practitioners, especially oncologists, state otherwise. According to them, gutka consumption is even more harmful than tobacco. Let us have look at the side effects of gutka in detail.

Gutkha Deaddiction Centres

Side Effects of Chewing Pan Masala and Gutkha

  1. Pan Masala is another deadly compound that is disguised as benign in the advertisements. It is mostly shown as something entirely related to betel nuts, which is not the case. The percentage of betel nuts in either Pan Masala or Gutkha is meagre. One can get the clear picture by seeing the composition table on the back of gutkha packets. However, this is not required, now that you have decided to quit gutkha.
  2. Apart from carcinogenic compounds, gutka also contains sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. These causes incurable ulcerative lesions in the oral cavity areas like lips, cheek, tongue, floor of the mouth, soft palate and hard palate. Further, the ill-effects are also transferred to the voice box, food pipe, and some parts of kidney.
  3. The chances of developing cancers in the throat, mouth, oesophagus and lungs also increase. The heart disease and related ailments are augmented due to the narrowing down of blood vessels and even stoppage in extreme conditions. The consumption of gutka by women during the pregnancy months can cause low birth weight babies.
  4. In addition to these damaging effects, gutka consumption also results in unusual sleep patterns, loss of appetite (food and sex), and concentration loss.
  5. So, it is time that you become aware of these unhealthy practices and seek guidance to get rid of such toxic habit.

    How Can We Help?

    Our Vikalp Rehab Centre is one the most effective gutkha de-addiction centres in Ghaziabad as well as in whole of Delhi NCR. We have experts who have decades of experience in treating patientswith various addictions. We use tried and tested techniques, which are also globally accepted by various rehab centres. As the saying goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, we not only assess the physiology but also the mental state of the patients. Our 12-step deaddiction program is very effective as it has a success rate of more than 97%.

    We are also fortunate enough to get various experts from national hospitals on guest visits regularly. We also conduct annual and monthly seminars to connect with various parts of the country.

    Therefore, if you are addicted to gutkha or for that matter any other addiction, come to our deaddiction centre, our experts can help you with all our wisdom and experience.

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