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Celebrating Holi At Vikalp: Rang Barse Style (Without Bhaang)

Just like every year, 2018 also witnessed a fabulous Holi celebration at Vikalp. The theme for this year was Addiction Free INDIA (व्यसन मुक्त भारत).

All the performers for these cultural programmes were addicts (recent and old). The commencement of this programme was done by a welcome song “Subh Swatagam”. The fragrance of sandalwood (Chandan) and Abir filled the air along with the arrival of honourable guests. The guest list was long – it included some reverent persons from the ministry (Social Justice and Civil Defence); dedicated journalists and social workers; cheerful family members of the addicts.

Pradeep Goyal at Vikalp

Inaugural Speech

Mr Pradeep Goyal welcomed the guests and it was followed by a thoughtful articulation, highlighting the significance of Holi, by Shri Praveen Vyas.

To begin with, Mr Alok Gautam had recited his poem that exhibited his own struggle with addiction. Being a counsellor at Vikalp, he listens to everyone with all ears, but, today when he got a chance to open-up, the audience got a glimpse of his inner self; it was refreshing.

The stage play – Vyasan Mukat Bharat

The personification for all kinds of addiction was the motif in this play. The characters of the play were:

  • Alcohol (शराब)
  • Drugs (ड्रग)
  • Cigarette (सिगर्इट)
  • Tobacco (तम्बाकू)
  • Betel leaves(पान)
  • And their leader Addiction (व्यसन)

Addiction free India

All of these characters emphasised on the act in line with the actual impact of their respective addictions. For instance, the character Tobacco was rubbing his hands and Alcohol had a bottle of liquor with him.

However, amidst these set of villains, there was a silver lining in the form of another performer (later comes into the scene) who represents every addiction-free individual (व्यसन मुक्त व्यक्ति). He barges in and disrupts their merrymaking, thereby, eliminating each of them.

Addiction free person

Song and Dance

Keeping the tradition of Holi intact, which is music and song, a musical performance using Manzira and Dholak was presented. The lead singer, Shri Ashok Nathani, calls himself an ardent follower of Mohd Rafi, and make no mistake, he has a wonderful voice to substantiate it.

Askhok Mathani

Next in the menu was a poem recited by Mahesh ji and Vyas ji. This was specifically written to tickle your funny bone, as no Holi function is complete without making you laugh. It was followed by a Dandia dance and “Guess the singer!” with the audience.

The whole motive of this function was not just entertainment, but, it also brought together the family members of addicts. Their family was overwhelmed every time they saw their own kith and kin performing on stage. What more evidence of recovery could they have expected and that too on the auspicious occasion of Holi.

Dandiya at Vikalp

The dignitaries from the government also had a chance to look into how enthusiastic these addicts can be if, given proper guidance. Most of these performances were choreographed and directed by an in-house art & crafts expert – Lakshmi ma’am.

Each of these dignitaries also gave small speeches, sharing their own experiences through it. Finally, the thanks note was given by Mr Pradeep Goyal, thereafter, a group photo was taken.

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