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Celebrating Holi At Vikalp: Rang Barse Style (Without Bhaang)

Just like every year, 2018 also witnessed a fabulous Holi celebration at Vikalp. The theme for this year was Addiction Free INDIA (व्यसन मुक्त भारत). All the performers for these cultural programmes were addicts (recent and old). The commencement of this programme was done by a welcome song “Subh Swatagam”. The fragrance of sandalwood (Chandan) …

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Are you addicted to cocaine? Come to us

The addiction to cocaine is one of the worst causes of health problems and death. Cocaine abuse can induce cell death in the heart muscles (cardiomyopathy). Intravenous cocaine use also leads to burning sensation of the inner tissues of heart (endocarditis). Apart from harming your heart, it also damages rational thinking. The addiction to cocaine …

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Mr. Pradeep Goyal at National Awards for Elderly – 9 October 2017

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment held National awards for elderly this year also on 9th October 2017 to confer Vayoshreshtha Sammans to eminent senior citizens and Institutions in recognition for their service towards the society. This award is basically conferred every year in 13 categories. The present Minister of this committee Mr. Thawar …

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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration at Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre

Vikalp De- addiction, Counseling and Rehabilitation Centre is an intrinsic part of the CCAA Trust that was established on 1st October 2003 by Mr. Pradeep Goyal, with an aim of treating patients from any kind of addiction problems. Vikalp uses specialized methods to treat its patients and make them socially active. Vikalp Rehab believes in …

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