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How Vikalp Helped a Prescription Pill Addict Walk on the Road to Wellness.

One of the people taking help of a Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi NCR is Rahul, who belongs to District Bijnor, Tehsil Dhampur, Village Nizamabad. Rahul initiallystarted consuming Liquor at the behest of his friends at the age of 20, but found alcohol expensive & was also creating problems for him, like alcohol stink& his way of talking & his behavior started to change visibly. Though Rahul used to consume alcohol 3-4 times a month, he did not find satisfaction in its use. At the same time, his family members used to taunt him & money too was hard to come by.


Addiction to Prescription Pills



Prescription Pill Addict


Then he was told by a close friend to use Prescription Pills as an alternative to Liquor, as it was causing problems in his marriage too. He, along with his friend went to a Chemist & purchased a commonly prescribed sedative, he took two pills initially & found the effects relaxing & like he was experiencing high. The practice continued for a few weeks, later on, he increased it to 10 pills daily & got addicted to these pills. Slowly his habits changed & were visible to his family members as he used to remain in a state of drowsiness & started avoiding the household jobs.


Family Troubles


addiction free


Rahul’s father & the rest of his family came to know of his addiction when they were informed by the Chemist. He began showing signs of physical weakness & used to get irritated when someone from his family would ask him to do any household work. Family members thought of changing his lifestyle by getting him married. Initially things were going on fine, but Rahul was addicted, he was taking the pills regularly which could not be hidden even from his wife. Now that everyone was aware in his family they tried everything they knew of to get rid of this menace, but it was all in vain!


Why choosing the wrong De-Addiction Centre can do more harm than good?


Rahul was addicted & his family & relatives tried everything possible, Hawans, Puja, Black Magic, then after a lot of search on what should be done they concluded that going to a Doctor or Hospital would not help & going to a Rehabilitation Center in Delhi NCR was the primary option. They took the help of the Internet & visited various sites regarding Drug De-addiction Center in Delhi, rehab centre and Rehab counseling centre Delhi NCR etcetera. Also, they visited some centers personally too. Unfortunately they opted for a center which was near his home town.

Rahul was aware of the whole situation he was in but the rehab counselling centre, Delhi NCR, which he was in, was disorganized & had no program which could be applied to quit his addiction. Rahul spent his time not admitting his problem, he slowly got frustrated with the living conditions & found it just a waste of time. At the same time,his anger towards his family members worsened. After completing his time there,Rahul had learnt nothing & was out in the real world, Rahul started using the same drug the next day he was relieved from the rehab center, and even to Rahul’s astonishment he did not find satisfaction with the usual amount of pills he used to have, he started having more pills & asked the chemist for a better drug choice. In no time he was back to stage one & in an even worse state mentally& physically.


Vikalp: the right Choice




One fine day a phone call came from one of Rahul’s relatives who informed him about Vikalp De-addiction & Rehabilitation Center, which is dedicated to get rid of this drug menace. Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra is managed by Mr. Pradeep Goyal who understands the suffering of addicts as he himself was an addict with a recovery of more than 26 years. Having found a cure for Rahul’s addiction his father took no time to call Vikalp & spoke regarding his concern. He then visited Vikalp & found the place to be appropriate enough even though it was far away from their home. In the meantime Rahul was going from bad to worse, unable to understand what was really going on with himself. Rahul’s father arranged for his pick-up & Rahul was brought to Vikalp in no time.


Vikalp’s Unique Approach for Treating Addicts



At Vikalp, to Rahul’s surprise, he found the staff very understanding & accommodating & the other patients very friendly. Rahul was surprised as he expected Vikalp to benothing more than a waste of time & money. Vikalp was like a home away from home with spacious living spaces, wholesome food & a meaningful program which was to be applied & followed each day. Rahul was impressed by the way the whole day’s routine was properly organized with LOVE & CARE! He saw hope at Vikalp. He saw for himself what state he was in when he came to Vikalp & how with each passing day he was getting better & better, physically & mentally. He was also practicing Yoga, Meditation, taking Acupressure therapy, as well as following the program day by day, one step at a time. During his stay at Vikalp Rahul improved physically, mentally & spiritually & on completion of his time he was not the addict Rahul he once was, but a clean, confident, and sober Rahul.

Today not only does he live happily with his family, he also regularly follows the program as explained to him at Vikalp Rehabilitation Center.

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