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Mr.Pradeep Goyal formed Vikalp to help those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or need counseling or same. Rehab counseling helps those individuals who are suffering from mental, physical or emotional disabilities. They also help those who have issues in educational, vocational and independent living pursuits. It’s time to seek help from Rehab Counseling Center DELHI/NCR if you or your loved one is suffering from any kind of addiction or life-altering disability. We have licensed rehabilitation counselors to help you in your nearest area.

Vikalp Rehab Centre
Every program depends on the need for our clients, their budget, insurance or anything they want us to consider. Firstly, when the counselor meets the patient, he evaluates him and accordingly frames the program required for him.

Following are the services provided by Rehab Center in Ghaziabad:

  • Alcohol treatment
  • De-addiction center
  • Drug treatment
  • Counseling
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Detoxification treatment
  • De-addiction center in Ghaziabad
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Substance abuse rehab centers
  • Quitting Alcohol Treatment

Few features that Rehab Counseling Center DELHI/NCR persists: Vikalp has the best counselors which are the utmost requirement for any rehab center. The doctors have the patience to listen to the patient. They make the client so comfortable that makes them talk else the patient sometimes doesn’t feel like opening up. The counselor possesses a quality of good observant, especially for disabled; he notices, understands and comprehends things which are required in the best possible manner. The patient can only trust towards the doctor or the rehab center if he finds sincerity in their work. If that is not found, he might not be able to trust. Overall, you are at the best rehab center in Ghaziabad as we empathize you, understand you and help you be independent and happy.

Why would you choose Vikalp?

Rehabilitation centers have broad areas to work upon out of which we cover maximum. Our rehab center can work in different areas like public school systems, community-based rehab agencies or hospitals, and state vocational courses. The counselors help the individuals who are suffering from whatever kind of disabilities to regain personal, vocational, psychological and social goals. The rehabilitation doctors help people who have disabilities and want to relive their lives in a proper and peaceful manner again like getting a job or recovering from addiction, accident or chronic mental issues. Whenever a new client joins us, his disability is being read for goal attainment and his vocational interests, skills and aptitude are evaluated. After this, the counselor provides optimum services to maximize the quality of life and career options.

Thus, the particular program is initiated. The program includes independent living assistance, mental health, vocational or academic training, counseling service, job analysis and any kind of service which is needed to help the client. To help yourself or loved ones, join the best Rehab Counseling Center in DELHI/NCR. Contact us at +91-7982868019. E-mail us at

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