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Drug Addiction, Eating up The Lives of Youth

A drug is a substance injected or consumed by individuals causing immense pleasure temporarily. At one point in not so distant past, there was a major import of drugs from Nepal and Bhutan in Bihar and UP. Earlier, they were used for medical purposes. Drugs were used as pain killers, anesthetic, tranquilizers, etc. In today’s world, it is illegally being used by the masses recreationally.

Millions of youth and teenagers are involved in the consumption of drugs. People consume it for different reasons. Some consume it for fun and relaxation; some consume it due to peer-pressure, others do it to fit in the group or due to a dysfunctional family. When people are unable to cope up with their depressing life, they turn to drugs as a stress buster. More than 5 million people in India are drug addicts out of which, almost 60% are teenagers and youth. The Lack of care and love has forced youth to the evil path of drugs. Major drug consuming population is from Punjab, West-Bengal and Haryana. Often people consume drugs thinking “I’ll consume it once or twice” but that once and twice leads them to the path of instant consumption, becoming a drug addict.

Drug addiction is a disease causing harm, both physically and emotionally. A drug addict faces stress, anxiety, insomnia, brain damage, lung cancer, nervous system breakdown, infection of HIV, etc. Drug abuse is the major reason for violence, corruption, and crime stirring in the world. There are many kinds of drugs available in the market, few of them are-

  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Hash
  • Methaqualone
  • Opium
  • Benzodiazepines
  • LSD
  • Alcohol
  • Crystal meth

Drug abuse is rampant in India, which often leads to rise in the number of junkies every day. It has become our prime duty to stop drug abuse, which is not an easy task. The population cannot live without drugs, however hard we try, unless the consumer themselves wants to stop. There are many initiatives taken by the government to restrict the production, consumption, import and export of the drugs. There are certain laws stating imprisonment for 10 years and a high penalty for drug addicts, if caught. There are awareness programs to educate the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, and also to inform the addicts and their families about rehab centres helping junkies to stop abusing drugs. There is nicotine-patch therapy for smokers, sober living communities, 12 days recovery program, etc to help addicts quit drugs. Rehab centres also help the addicts to re-live their life without drugs. There are many rehabilitation centres helping addicts to recover from drugs and detoxify themselves.

Drug addiction

It is a very difficult task for drug addicts to leave drugs. Most of the drug addicts never seek help for drug treatment on their own. Controlling the urge to consume drugs is not easy. It causes restlessness, depression, shakiness, irritated mood, hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks, and hypertension. It has psychological as well as physical impact on the drug addicts. Every drug addiction has different approach for treatment.

Rehabilitation centres are the consulting centres providing medication and therapies to help drug addicts quit drugs and live life sober. They help addicts in recovering from drugs but along with help of rehab centres, love and support from their family and the loved ones is very important to give the motivation to fight the urge. Detox is the first step in major drug addiction but, opiates drug addicts require medication along with the detoxification treatment. After detox, counseling and therapies comes the next stage, which is regular sessions with their family and groups. These centres primarily focus on the treatment and make even severe addicts quit drugs.

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