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Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre- A Success Story

On the occasion of International Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Day, Pradeep Goyal, the founder of Vikalp Rehabilitation centre spread awareness regarding the ill effects of drug abuse. The sub-inspectors of Sahibabad, Shri Pal Singh and Govind Singh were the chief guests for the day who graced the event with their benign presence. The cultural …

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Internship at Vikalp

Psychology is a vast subject that involves the study of a human’s thought process, behaviour and character development, personality traits, emotion, motivation, and so much more. So, in layman terms, we can say that psychology is the study of a human’s mind and body. “The brain is wider than the sky.” This is a famous …

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Anti-Tobacco Day at Vikalp

Tobacco is a common name in society. An idea of popularization of tobacco can be imagined by the fact that even teenagers are in-taking this deadly substance on a daily basis. According to public health regulations act 1999, legal age of smoking is 18 years old and selling cigarette to a minor is also an …

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Visitor Experience

Do You Know What Are You Wrapping? Story of A Bright Student

The story of a young lad who while searching for cheap thrills, in his 2nd year of engineering, fell into the den of addiction. Tushaar, born and brought up in Delhi NCR, had to go all the way to Tamil Nadu in search of his dream – automobile engineering. A bright student who scored 9 …

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