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12 Best Foods That Boost Your Mental Health

In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of our mental health is much more critical than ever. When therapy and medication play a vital role in managing mental health conditions, we often overlook the impact of the heat on our physiological well-being. Research increasingly suggests that we can eat, which profoundly influences our mood, cognitive function, …

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The Depression Problem in 2024: Prevention and Treatment

Depression will remain a very significant public health concern in 2024, affecting individuals of all ages, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds in the whole world. Despite advancements in every field of medical health awareness and treatment modalities, the prevalence of depression problem continues to rise. It poses challenges to the healthcare system and society at a …

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Mental Health Disorder and Signs & Symptoms

Mental health awareness has been gaining momentum in recent years, shedding light on the significance of mental health in our lives. Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and it plays a crucial role in how we think, feel, and act. Unfortunately, many individuals experience mental health challenges in the form of mental …

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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by intrusive, repetitive, and distressing thoughts (obsessions) and the urge to perform repetitive behaviors or rituals (compulsions). OCD can significantly impair a person’s daily life, causing distress and anxiety. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options …

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Understanding of Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Step into the enigmatic world of schizophrenia, a captivating and complex mental disorder that has intrigued scientists, clinicians, and artists for centuries. In this exploration of the human mind, we will delve deep into the causes, symptoms, types, and groundbreaking treatments that have revolutionized our understanding of schizophrenia. Let us embark on a journey to …

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What is Drug-Induced Psychosis and What are the Causes, Symptoms & Treatment?

Drug-induced psychosis, also known as substance-induced psychotic disorder, refers to a condition characterized by the presence of psychotic symptoms that are directly caused by the use of or withdrawal from substances such as drugs or alcohol. It’s  important to differentiate drug-induced psychosis from primary psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, as the underlying causes and treatment approaches …

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Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre- A Success Story

On the occasion of International Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Day, Pradeep Goyal, the founder of Vikalp Rehabilitation centre spread awareness regarding the ill effects of drug abuse. The sub-inspectors of Sahibabad, Shri Pal Singh and Govind Singh were the chief guests for the day who graced the event with their benign presence. The cultural …

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Internship at Vikalp

Psychology is a vast subject that involves the study of a human’s thought process, behaviour and character development, personality traits, emotion, motivation, and so much more. So, in layman terms, we can say that psychology is the study of a human’s mind and body. “The brain is wider than the sky.” This is a famous …

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Anti-Tobacco Day at Vikalp

Tobacco is a common name in society. An idea of popularization of tobacco can be imagined by the fact that even teenagers are in-taking this deadly substance on a daily basis. According to public health regulations act 1999, legal age of smoking is 18 years old and selling cigarette to a minor is also an …

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Visitor Experience

Do You Know What Are You Wrapping? Story of A Bright Student

The story of a young lad who while searching for cheap thrills, in his 2nd year of engineering, fell into the den of addiction. Tushaar, born and brought up in Delhi NCR, had to go all the way to Tamil Nadu in search of his dream – automobile engineering. A bright student who scored 9 …

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De addiction Centre

A Warm Tribute to The Ladies in Vikalp: Changing Lives of Addicts

Women’s day theme for 2018, #PressForProgress has rocked the internet and television. So, taking this one step forward, we went on to talk to our female staff and show the world their contribution in making the life of the addicts more purposeful. Fulcrum of Vikalp The first interaction always happens at the reception, so was …

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Celebrating Holi At Vikalp: Rang Barse Style (Without Bhaang)

Just like every year, 2018 also witnessed a fabulous Holi celebration at Vikalp. The theme for this year was Addiction Free INDIA (व्यसन मुक्त भारत). All the performers for these cultural programmes were addicts (recent and old). The commencement of this programme was done by a welcome song “Subh Swatagam”. The fragrance of sandalwood (Chandan) …

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Visitor Experience

From the Cesspool of Drugs to Counselling: Journey of 17-year Teen

Heroin or diamorphine is an opioid, which is used in the field of medicine as sedatives. But, some errant teens are engrossed by its “euphoric effects” and spoil their life. One such case was Fahim. Fahim a counsellor at Vikalp, Ghaziabad, is also a familiar face for anyone visiting the rehab. Just as promised in …

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How Alcohol Penetrates Through your Reasoning to Make you an Addict?

When we think of addiction, especially alcohol, what comes to our mind? Obviously not a picture of an aspirant preparing to get into Ph.D. Some would argue otherwise, that nothing is impossible.However, it is the common perception I am talking about. You will soon come to know after reading Abhijeet’s story. He was very excited …

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Visitor Experience

My First Interaction with Addicts at Vikalp Rehab: By Rohit Pandey

Last week I happened to visit Ghaziabad. But, this visit was different from my earlier visits. How? You will know it after reading more. But, before, let me also state what made me visit the place this time. While I was pondering over the state of addicts, a friend of mine suggested a name, Vikalp, …

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nasha mukti kendra

Battling Drug Abuse – Search for the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad

Drug abuse is rising rampantly and India isn’t left out in this. Part of the cause of this problem can be that India shares borders with a lot of countries that are the centre of cultivation and production of such narcotics. Drug addiction has hit the younger half of the population way worse than the …

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nasha mukti kendra

Get Holistic Drug De-addiction treatment at Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra Noida

India has seen a rapid rise in drug abuse since the past decade. Its proximity to the golden triangle, that is, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand and the golden crescent, that is, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, makes it the perfect hub for smuggling drugs like opium, therefore, increasing the number of opium dependents dramatically. Fighting the …

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De addiction Centre drug treatment rehab centre Vikalp

Are you addicted to cocaine? Come to us

The addiction to cocaine is one of the worst causes of health problems and death. Cocaine abuse can induce cell death in the heart muscles (cardiomyopathy). Intravenous cocaine use also leads to burning sensation of the inner tissues of heart (endocarditis). Apart from harming your heart, it also damages rational thinking. The addiction to cocaine …

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How Vikalp Helped a Prescription Pill Addict Walk on the Road to Wellness.

One of the people taking help of a Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi NCR is Rahul, who belongs to District Bijnor, Tehsil Dhampur, Village Nizamabad. Rahul initiallystarted consuming Liquor at the behest of his friends at the age of 20, but found alcohol expensive & was also creating problems for him, like alcohol stink& his …

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alcohol treatment

De-Addiction Centres: The Right Vikalp for Alcohol Abuse!

Where did my life go! I started drinking regularly at the age of 18 when I went to college at Manipal, Karnataka for my Bachelor’s Degree. I had just passed out from school & was going to a hostel for the first time in my life. I was very excited but scared at the same …

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drug treatment

Drug Addiction, Eating up The Lives of Youth

A drug is a substance injected or consumed by individuals causing immense pleasure temporarily. At one point in not so distant past, there was a major import of drugs from Nepal and Bhutan in Bihar and UP. Earlier, they were used for medical purposes. Drugs were used as pain killers, anesthetic, tranquilizers, etc. In today’s …

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Get Complete Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation for a Better Life

Drug abuse in India has been rampant since a really long time. So many lives, careers and families have been destroyed because of drug addiction. Most people treat drug addicts as social outcasts and instead of understanding their problems they are made to feel guilty, this approach has never been useful. We as a society …

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Get Reliable Rehab Counseling Near You

Mr.Pradeep Goyal formed Vikalp to help those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or need counseling or same. Rehab counseling helps those individuals who are suffering from mental, physical or emotional disabilities. They also help those who have issues in educational, vocational and independent living pursuits. It’s time to seek help from Rehab Counseling Center …

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Mr. Pradeep Goyal at National Awards for Elderly – 9 October 2017

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment held National awards for elderly this year also on 9th October 2017 to confer Vayoshreshtha Sammans to eminent senior citizens and Institutions in recognition for their service towards the society. This award is basically conferred every year in 13 categories. The present Minister of this committee Mr. Thawar …

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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration at Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre

Vikalp De- addiction, Counseling and Rehabilitation Centre is an intrinsic part of the CCAA Trust that was established on 1st October 2003 by Mr. Pradeep Goyal, with an aim of treating patients from any kind of addiction problems. Vikalp uses specialized methods to treat its patients and make them socially active. Vikalp Rehab believes in …

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Trying to Reduce Your Addiction? Take Help from Vikalp Rehab

Vikalp De-addiction, Counseling and Rehabilitation Centre was implanted on 1st October, 2003 by Mr. Pradeep Goyal with the primary aim of providing treatment to patients who are suffering from the addiction of adverse substances. Vikalp is an essential part of CCAA Trust and uses first-class treatments to cure the patients and make them ethically suitable. …

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