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Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre- A Success Story

On the occasion of International Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Day, Pradeep Goyal, the founder of Vikalp Rehabilitation centre spread awareness regarding the ill effects of drug abuse. The sub-inspectors of Sahibabad, Shri Pal Singh and Govind Singh were the chief guests for the day who graced the event with their benign presence. The cultural evening witnessed performances of music, dance and theatre which were performed by the patients themselves.

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Pradeep Goyal comments that his connection with this social issue dates long back. He himself was a victim of drug addiction. Twenty years straight he fell prey to drugs and its compounds. He explains how he gave up that addiction when the realization kicked in. And call it redemption or social work, but what he is doing for this noble cause is commendable. The rehabilitation centre caters to both alcohol and drug addiction and is going strong with 79 people currently undertaking the treatment.

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

It has been more than twenty years since the inception of Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre and the success it has achieved over the years is no less than a dream come true for the organization. More than 105 people have been treated and cured of the further intake of drugs. ‘Taking drugs is not just an addiction, but a disease’, says Pradeep during an interview, ‘and with proper care and medication, they can let go of it forever.’ He further tells that people from diverse age groups and addictions enrol themselves for this treatment, ‘Some are addicted to alcohol while others to weed, hash or even smack. People want to get rid of the addiction but aren’t willing enough to let go of it.’

But he says that their difficulties are natural and understands those challenges because he has been through them. He was in class 9th when he started taking drugs and slowly got addicted to them. It wasn’t until he was 20 years old that he enrolled himself in a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. There he was operated upon his addiction until it was no more. That is when he decided to save people who are giving away their lives to this addiction. The course of treatment is not that difficult but requires willpower and determination to let go of it.

Vikalp’s Strength

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On an average, it takes from 3 to 9 months of treatment after one takes admission in the centre. There are proper counsellors who examine every patient, their intensity of addiction and devise a plan of action. A team of twenty people are on their feet every day working towards the goal of achieving a drug-free society. They engage the patients in recreational activities so that they take their minds off the addiction and do something which keeps them busy. Be it music, art or theatre; these people are free to do whatever they like to. Infact their talents are encouraged because drugs not only have an adverse effect on the body but the mental condition as well, which needs to be worked upon foremost.

Highest Award from the Topmost Personnel

vikalp with pranab mukherjee

Pradeep and his team are working so brilliantly that they have been acknowledged and appreciated with a national award by the president, Pranab Mukherjee which is no less than an achievement in itself. Therefore, on June 26, 2018, he took the occasion as an appropriate day to celebrate the success of each life saved and spread awareness about how major a problem drug addiction is. Supporting the cause and doing his bit for the world, Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre is carving a niche for itself!

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