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Internship at Vikalp

Psychology is a vast subject that involves the study of a human’s thought process, behaviour and character development, personality traits, emotion, motivation, and so much more. So, in layman terms, we can say that psychology is the study of a human’s mind and body.

“The brain is wider than the sky.” This is a famous quote by Emily Dickson one of the greatest poets that ever lived. What she meant by this is that the imagination of a mind, one cannot fathom it. Well, psychology is a very unpredictable subject because of this. Every mind is different from the other and in the psychological field, there is only so much you can learn from books. To become a true psychologist, one must be able to get first-hand experience with patients and having a mentor can help you gain success in the psychological field.

There are a lot off psychological internships available in India, but it far outweighs the number of students. This means that not all students get a chance for an internship and will have to wait a lot.

Well, the opportunity that every psychology student can only dream of is here. Vikalp is organizing an internship for all the psychology students out there.

What are the benefits a psychological student can get from this internship?

The following are the benefits that the students get from choosing this internship: –

Experience and Certificate

Well, for starters the student will be getting a lot of practical experience and for the duration of your internship, the student will be getting a certificate as well.

Flexible Duration periods

The best part about the internship is that you can pick how many days you want to be a part of the internship like for e.g. you want to take part in the internship for weeks or for a month/s.The students can decide this according to the timings they get from their college or university.

Clinical and Behavioral Psychology

As mentioned earlier, you already know you will be getting practical experience but in which branch of Psychology was never mentioned. You will be getting first-hand experience in two major fields of psychology, that is, Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Psychology. The students will get experience in these two branches of Psychology.

Paid Internship

The students taking part in the internship will be paid an amount according to their duration. The money won’t be much since this internship is looking to teach interns about Psychology and because of this reason the payment will not be much. But none the less it is an amount which will be sufficient for everyone.

Dr Divya

Dr Divya is a very experienced and knowledgeable Psychologist and has a lot of experience in these two fields and it will definitely help all the students to have her as the mentor. She is not just experienced in Psychology but is also adept in teaching Psychology to young lads.

A lot of students are already taking part in the internship and they are benefiting a lot and already enjoying their time here. The internship is helping them take a step in to the path of success. What about you?

Below are the images were taken of the students taking part in the internship:

Group picture
After successfully completing their internship, the students gather together for a grup photographg a the centre


office at Vikalp
A one on one interview session being conducted at the rehabibilitation centre


councelling 3
A healthy discussion takeing place at the rehab centre


councelling 2
Students taking notes of the past and current life experiences of young-aged men.


councelling 1
Students asking about their past life experiences

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