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Do You Know What Are You Wrapping? Story of A Bright Student

The story of a young lad who while searching for cheap thrills, in his 2nd year of engineering, fell into the den of addiction.

Tushaar, born and brought up in Delhi NCR, had to go all the way to Tamil Nadu in search of his dream – automobile engineering. A bright student who scored 9 pointers in the 1st two years of his engineering, would have little idea how the few puffs of cigarettes and then marijuana would create a havoc in his life. The addiction of marijuana had almost swallowed up all the prospects of his aspiration that pulled him 2500 km away from his hometown.

He agreed to share his story because he got a job offer from a company while he was in the rehab. It seems unreal but, it is true.

Homesickness and Pressure Can Be A Deadly Combination

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The story starts with on the pretext of homesickness and academic pressure. Most students especially engineers slip early into the den of addictions starting from a few puffs of cigarettes to consuming drugs. Tushar was one of them but, it was actually his timid character that made matters worse. Moreover, he had tasted this deadly substance before while in Delhi.

Here in the college premises, independence turned out to be in his disadvantage, he could not control himself with any kind of addiction. It was taking a toll on his body and studies. Finally, when he lost his costly phone (₹50000), better sense prevails. It did not last long; after 6 months he again plunged into the enticing clutches of marijuana. This vacillating behaviour continued until his stay in the college.

Addiction Paralysis Your Mind and Soul

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Once, he arrived at home, he tried to become the mama’s boy, but unfortunately, this mama’s boy had lost some of his innocence. His façade was not sustainable because he was having terrible withdrawal symptoms (more intense than the earlier ones) that included vomiting, shivering etc. His self-imposed moratorium broke and so did his hush-hush marijuana in front of his family members.

Addiction works in mysterious ways, it can corrupt your mind and find excuses to consume it. Similar was the case with Tushar. His pressure of joblessness and a misconception that marijuana would reduce weight again attracted him towards ganja (marijuana) addiction. This time around the only difference was that his family was a witness to it. And once all home remedies, as well as emotional blackmail, failed, rehab was the only option. But, which one?

How Vikalp Helped?

Vikalp De-addiction and Rehab centre

A simple google search brought them to Vikalp Rehab Centre Ghaziabad. Many Nasha Mukti Kendra in the vicinity of Delhi NCR claim expertise in this field. However, the end result of Tushar has once again proved why Vikalp always has an edge over others. Its experienced staff, most of them erstwhile addicts themselves. Therefore, they are fully aware of every behavioural and mental state that an addict passes through.

Even Tushar was full of praises for the radical behavioural change he has undergone. Being young, he used to get carried away with emotions, which even led to his deviation from the normal path of addiction-free life. His participation in the various cultural programmes and even sports brought a new sense of vigour and energy in his tepid life.

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