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Anti-Tobacco Day at Vikalp

Tobacco is a common name in society. An idea of popularization of tobacco can be imagined by the fact that even teenagers are in-taking this deadly substance on a daily basis. According to public health regulations act 1999, legal age of smoking is 18 years old and selling cigarette to a minor is also an offence. But, current scenarios in Indian and the world depicts that these rules and regulations have been left far behind by smoking enthusiasts. Today, on an average 1083 cigarettes are smoked by a person above 14 years of age per year. This is a shocking revelation is an indication that we are headed towards a massive health collapse.

The No-Tobacco Day

Smoking Kills

W.H.O has started an initiative by naming 31st May as World No Tobacco Day. Various organizations have a taken step towards this initiative and started enjoying it. Vikalp Rehabilitation center is one such organization that enjoy this day like any other festival every year. This year they have arranged a program consisting of various performances. Through this, they wanted to appreciate the effort of inmates at Vikalp for taking a step towards the other end where their loved ones are waiting with open arms. There were various performances done by people living for rehabilitation and others too. Most of the acts were performed to give a message that how injurious tobacco is for health. Starting off with a first act which was a dance performance. It was performed by a group of 3 people on a lively song “jawan ho yaaron yeh tumko hua kya”. It was not just a song for them but an indication that how injurious tobacco could be.  The dance steps were not like professionals but the level of spirits to defeat addiction was on top floor. Not just high spirits but continues smiles on their faces were filled with sentiments as well as determination.

Sailing against the wind

People living in Vikalp rehabilitation center have decided to sail against the wind to quit smoking. The same approach was also seen in the next performance. A guy wearing blue kurta entered the stage, after being quite for around ten seconds, he took a deep breath and started singing. The song he chose was “na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasman ke liye tera wajood hai ab dastan ke liye”. He completely defined his personality through that song. He wanted to convey a message that he will be there to tell his tale that how he surpassed the unfavorable circumstances by quitting smoking.

No tobacco day

Just when the audience was about to become silent five lads came dancing on “samay ki pukar hai”. And yes indeed, rather than thinking of quitting smoking, just try to skip it day-by-day. This was a thoughtful performer who wanted to convey through the song and their gestures.

No tobacco day

Well, the talent of these people is not limited to singing and dancing. A couple of dramatic acts were also performed to continue proceedings for the day. Off the two acts, one was a mime in which two participants portrayed a father-son relationship. And, in other 4 people were involved. The message given by both the acts was one that “cigarette chodo, Jeevan jodo”.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Vikalp Rehab center

The program came to an end with a “thank you” speech by the creator of Vikalp rehabilitation Centre. He also led emphasis on how tobacco is injurious to health and how one can take help from Vikalp in eradicating the menace of smoking and its effects.

Pradeep Goyal Speech

Addiction of smoking not only destroys the person mentally but also acts as a means of collapsing the relations among loved ones. But, as I said, there is always a ray of hope hidden somewhere in dark clouds, Vikalp acts as a medium of connection between that tiny ray and a struggling person.

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