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How Alcohol Penetrates Through your Reasoning to Make you an Addict?

When we think of addiction, especially alcohol, what comes to our mind? Obviously not a picture of an aspirant preparing to get into Ph.D. Some would argue otherwise, that nothing is impossible.However, it is the common perception I am talking about. You will soon come to know after reading Abhijeet’s story.

He was very excited to make his name public when I told him that I will be sharing his story on public forums. Do you know why he did this? Even I was curious to know. Be patient, it will unfold gradually as you read on.

Let’s go back, a year and a half, when Abhijeet started drinking heavily. As for everyone, it starts with one peg and without your ability to control, it reaches alarming levels.

A bright student of a central university, he had dreamt of doing research in the heterogeneous field of psychology. He had also worked as an intern during his master’s and conducted various play therapy sessions for several autism childcare institutions. His zeal in serving them for improving their mental health was clearly visible from his work.

However, somewhere a defect was creeping in his life in the form of alcohol. It was only when he left his studies and in a dilapidated state, did he realise, the real hazards of alcohol. His parents were worried. He was the youngest son, with two well-qualified elder brothers.

We are close to identifying one of the root causes of his addiction. His Ph.D. dream was not actualized when he wanted it to be. Being a good student of the subject, he knew it was only a matter of time, but, alcohol got the better of him. He started drinking and his consumption increased exponentially with each coming day. He tried controlling himself multiple times, without much success, only to relapse after every 10-15 days.

22nd January is the day he came to Vikalp. It was all by himself. He got its reference from the internet with a simple google search. His parents were happy for him that he finally would get better. Moreover, his activities at Vikalp also displayed a sense of positivity. He had already attended two 1-on-1 sessions with the head psychiatrist. Recently, on valentine’s day function at Vikalp, he also tried his hand at singing.

De-addiction centre

As of now, everything is going well. He is hopeful of getting fully recovered in 4-5 months because of his strong determination to quit alcohol.

Here, I must take some time to congratulate Vikalp on their dedicated and methodological approach towards alcohol treatment. Their seasoned trainers have themselves been addicts for years, thereby, knowing the damage alcohol or any drug addiction can do.

Even the owner, Pradeep Goyal, with the sobriety of more than two decades, and has started serving the society, since 2003, to control this menace. A President award in 2014 speaks volume about his crusade against all forms of addiction.

Talking to Abhijeet, it also felt that he would soon be joining this crusade and I believe him. He has promised to even share his image, and do a video interview, once he is recovered. I am looking forward to it, and so are you, isn’t it?

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