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How Alcohol Penetrates Through your Reasoning to Make you an Addict?

When we think of addiction, especially alcohol, what comes to our mind? Obviously not a picture of an aspirant preparing to get into Ph.D. Some would argue otherwise, that nothing is impossible.However, it is the common perception I am talking about. You will soon come to know after reading Abhijeet’s story. He was very excited …

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My First Interaction with Addicts at Vikalp Rehab: By Rohit Pandey

Last week I happened to visit Ghaziabad. But, this visit was different from my earlier visits. How? You will know it after reading more. But, before, let me also state what made me visit the place this time. While I was pondering over the state of addicts, a friend of mine suggested a name, Vikalp, …

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Battling Drug Abuse – Search for the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad

Drug abuse is rising rampantly and India isn’t left out in this. Part of the cause of this problem can be that India shares borders with a lot of countries that are the centre of cultivation and production of such narcotics. Drug addiction has hit the younger half of the population way worse than the …

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nasha mukti kendra

Get Holistic Drug De-addiction treatment at Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra Noida

India has seen a rapid rise in drug abuse since the past decade. Its proximity to the golden triangle, that is, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand and the golden crescent, that is, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, makes it the perfect hub for smuggling drugs like opium, therefore, increasing the number of opium dependents dramatically. Fighting the …

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